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The Free, No-Sales Way To Earn Money For Your School, Church Or Nonprofit Group

Snap Fund connects local retailers, schools, churches, and other nonprofit groups, to the local community in a mutually beneficial way to raise money for non-profit groups with no door-to-door sales.

Schools, Churches & Groups

No more door-to-door sales! Raise money year-round without drives or special programs. Just encourage your supporters to use the Snap Fund app to snap their receipts at local retailers. Set goals and track your progress.

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Business Owners

Increase your revenues and enhance your public image while making a real difference in your local community. Snap Fund requires no POS setup and starts bringing new customers in the door immediately.

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Friends & Family

Raise money for the people and groups you care about by simply downloading the Snap Fund app and snapping your receipts. It's simple, convenient, and you have full control over where the money goes.

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  • Step 1: Download the App

    Snap Fund is a free app for iOS and Android phones and tablets. Head to the App Store or Google Play Store and download it.

  • Step 2: Shop At Participating Retailers

    Get special deals and see how much you can earn using the Snap Fund App. Find out which local retailers are giving back to the community through Snap Fund.

    * Retailers shown may not be supported in all areas

  • Step 3: Snap Your Receipts

    Simply point and shoot using the Snap Fund app. It takes just moments!

  • Step 4: Assign And Track Your Earnings

    Participating retailers pay a percentage of your snapped receipt back to your chosen schools or groups.

Snap Fund For Schools, Churches, and Groups

Tired of selling popcorn, candy, books, etc? You're going to love Snap Fund! Snap Fund connects schools and groups with local retailers in a mutually beneficial partnership.

Raising money with Snap Fund is simple, free, and requires no training or extra meetings. Simply encourage your friends, family and fans to snap their receipts at participating local retailers using the Snap Fund app. They will get access to special promotions and deals and you'll get a percentage of all proceeds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any school, church or non-profit group can qualify to use Snap Fund. The basic requirement is that you be a registered non-profit. During registration we'll ask for some basic information and once you're approved you can start raising money immediately!
There are no limits to how much or when you can raise money. Schools or groups with seasonal off-times can schedule payouts accordingly.
After registering you'll be able to track the funds you've raised through the account dashboard. Just log in and you'll automatically be taken there.
Yes! This is a great way to allow school sports teams and groups to raise money for things like trips or uniforms. Snap Fund users can assign raised funds to the school at large or to one of the subgroups.

Snap Fund For Retailers

Got a local marketing budget and don't know where to spend it? Looking for a way to make a positive impact in the community? Snap Fund is perfect for your business!

Participating in Snap Fund is an inexpensive way to bring new customers in the door and create increased loyalty among patrons. You can even advertise promotions, sales, and events through the Snap Fund app. Many business owners report significantly higher revenues due to their participation in Snap Fund and because of Snap Fund's retailer friendly structure you'll always make more than you donate. Plus, users are encouraged to make positive posts about participating retailers on Facebook and Twitter giving your business invaluable social media visibility.

Snap Fund works for any kind of business because you decide what percentage of snapped receipts you're willing to donate and set monthly limits. The money you donate is tax deductible and makes a real difference in your local community. We'll even help you advertise your participation in giving back through Snap Fund.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Almost any kind of family-friendly business will do well with Snap Fund. Traditional retail business make up the majority of our business partners but banks, insurance agencies, and a variety of service oriented businesses have also seen success. Generally speaking if you have a product for sale and can donate a percentage of sales or a flat rate per sale your business will qualify for Snap Fund.
How much you donate is entirely up to you! Most businesses donate between 10% and 20% of snapped receipts so they're always making a profit while using Snap Fund. Some businesses put a monthly limit or cap on the amount they want to donate.
Yes! All donations made through Snap Fund are completely tax deductible. We'll even provide you with helpful tax documentation at the end of the year.
We take receipt authenticity extremely seriously and have multiple safety checks in place. We manually check dozens of receipts every day and use a variety of electronic verification methods as well. In addition, you'll get a summary of all snapped receipts at the end of the month with easy to check totals and pictures. If you have any question about the validity of the receipt you don't pay on it. It's that simple.
We'll send you an itemized invoice at the end of every month with easy to see totals so you can quickly validate the receipts. If you have any questions about any of the receipts you can flag the item and we'll verify it manually. A week after sending the monthly summary your card on file will be billed for the percentage of approved receipt totals.

Snap Fund For Friends & Family

Snap Fund is a simple, fun way to support your friends and family as well as local schools and groups without having to participate in door-to-door sales or time-consuming programs. Just download the Snap Fund app and begin snapping your receipts at local retailers. A percentage of your snapped receipts will be donated to your assigned schools or groups. It's that easy!

It's 100% free and your information is always kept private. We don't ask for any information we don't need and we never sell your information to retailers or elsewhere. We take privacy and security very seriously.

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