Snap Fund - Built with Small Business Owners/Managers in Mind.

In a recent survey small business owners listed the following as a "huge challenge":

Time to Get Everything Done

Our Solution: No paperwork, no campaigns, no hassle! Snap Fund requires no training or POS changes.

Managing Everything Myself

Our Solution: No logins, settings, or reminders! Simply decide how much you want to participate and we do the rest.

Generating Quality Leads

Our Solution: Connecting thousands of motivated local shoppers to your business.

Marketing Expertise

Our Solution: We handle all related marketing from sales and specials to social media buzz.

Totally Hands Off

No paperwork, no training employees, no POS nonsense. You decide the maximum you're willing to donate and we take care of everything else. We'll even tell you how much you made!

Guaranteed Returns

Participating in Snap Fund will increase revenue for your business - guaranteed. In most cases retailers see a $100 monthly donation budget turn into $1000-$2000 additional revenue.

How It Works

Snap Fund helps local nonprofit groups like schools, churches, and a variety of worthy causes to raise money by shopping at local businesses. Users download the Snap Fund app which shows them participating local businesses that agree to donate a small percentage of the receipts users "snap" after making a purchase. Users are also encouraged to share their experience on Facebook and Twitter giving the local business invaluable exposure.

1Set A Monthly Budget - Decide how much you're willing to donate. Your budget needs to be at least $100/month. You'll never spend more than your budget and in most cases you won't use your whole budget.

2We Do All The Marketing - Once you set your budget we'll do the rest! There's never any need to set up campaigns, worry about keywords, or try to calculate your ROI. Snap Fund accounts are fully managed.

3Watch Your Customer Base Grow - With Snap Fund there are no POS changes, no employee training, and no modifications to the way you do business. Your business will attract hundreds of new customers that are grateful for your small donations and spread the word about your business on social media and by word of mouth.

4Check Your Monthly Summary - At the end of each month you'll get a comprehensive summary of how Snap Fund benefited your business. You can see every verified receipt, view monthly totals for purchases, and learn what kind of splash your business made on social media sites. Additionally you'll see totals for your monthly donation (100% tax deductible) and a small marketing fee (that's how we make our money). Your total donations plus the marketing fee will never be greater than your monthly budget.

5Proudly Display How You're Helping The Community - periodically we'll send you free promotional materials you can display showing your customers how your business is giving back to the local community. You'll have lists of schools, churches, and nonprofits that have benefitted from your generosity as well as thank you notes from groups and users.

6Rest Easy Knowing It's 100% Guaranteed - There are no contracts with Snap Fund and if at any time you're not happy we'll make it right or you don't pay a thing!

Fully Managed Accounts

We'll set everything up for you and provide all the paperwork. Having a sale or event you want to promote? Let us know and we'll promote it on our app, newsletter, or website!

  • No POS setup
  • No Employee Training
  • No Campaigns or Keywords
  • FREE Sale/Event Promotion
  • No Paperwork

Guaranteed x4 Revenue

We guarantee that verified revenue from participation in Snap Fund will be at least 4 times the sum of donations and marketing fees and that you'll never spend more than your monthly budget!

  • Small Monthly Budgets
  • Guaranteed x4 Revenue
  • Fully Verified Receipts
  • Monthly Summary

100% Tax Deductible Donations

Your donations are 100% tax deductible. Plus, we'll do all the paperwork! At the end of the year (or by request) we'll provide you with all the documentation you need to get the maximum deduction.

  • Great Tax Savings
  • Free Documentation
  • Great Community Connection

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